Upcoming PL Opportunities

Digital Literacy PL Workshops & Webinars

AB Educators can engage in ongoing, self directed professional learning workshops to continue learning digital skills and best practices for hybrid and remote teaching. The following workshops and webinars are recommended by the AB Digital Literacy Coaches.

Participation in webinars and workshops can be documented for PDPs. Please see the information below about earning & tracking PDPs.

Distance Learning Playbook: Free webinars hosted by the Learning Channel and facilitated by authors Doug Fisher & Nancy Frey. Click here to register.

Digital Promise provides free ongoing, relevant, and informative digital learning webinars for educators. Check back frequently for updates and archived webinars.

Information About Earning & Tracking PDPs

This document, Frequently Asked Questions About PDPs, was developed by the Professional Learning Committee. Deborah Bookis has supplemented this information with the "Quick Guide for Ways to Earn PDPs."

In addition, it is now possible to receive PDPs for taking online courses known as edXCourses. The Office of Teaching and Learning will issue a certificate upon receipt of your completion form.

If you have fewer than 10 PDPs in two or more like activities, you may "bundle" them. The PDP Tracking Form for bundled hours is to be used to receive a PDPs certificate from the district office.

Below are sample pages for guidance.

First Sample of PDP Tracking Form

Second Sample of PDP Tracking Form

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