Digital Learning Leaders

What is the Digital Learning Leaders program?

Digital Learning Leaders foster effective integration of digital tools that can support engaged, inclusive, and equitable teaching and learning. These educators submitted applications and were accepted based on their innovative teaching practices and ability to lead and provide support to their colleagues with the integration of digital tools.

For the 2021-2022 school year the Digital Learning Leaders will place a focus on identifying and supporting best practices for UDL-informed student learning, engagement, wellness, and assessment. They will collaborate with the Digital Literacy coaches to support school-based and grade-level colleagues through collaborative learning, peer-to-peer guidance and, mentorship, sharing resources and tips, and other strategies they deem appropriate.

Meet the 2021-22 Digital Learning Leaders!


Megan Bowhers, K-6 Digital Literacy Coach

Cindy Holt, Grade 1, Gates

Tara Livolsi, Grade 2, Blanchard

Brian Gentile, Grade 3, Blanchard

Martha Bethel, Grade 4, Douglas

Kerin Crockett, Grade 5, Blanchard

Sara Wilcox, Grade 6, Conant

RJ Grey Junior High School

Kellie Carter, Social Studies, grade 8

Marc Lewis, Social Studies, grade 7

Erin McGovern, World Languages, grade 7

Deb Rimpas, Health

Acton Boxborough Regional High School

Christina Foley, 9-12 Digital Literacy Coach

Nicolas Cosseron, World Language Department

Kelly Hoogeboom, Math Department

Alycen Nigro, Science Department

Katie Rossignol, Social Studies Department

Lea Scherer, English Department

Digital Learning Leaders will:

  • Support colleagues in effective integration of digital tools for teaching and learning

  • Seek opportunities to meet student learning goals based on the DL/CS framework

  • Collaborate with the ongoing district work to map DL/CS framework standards

  • Support integration of computer science and STEAM learning when and where applicable

  • Promote media literacy and digital citizenship for staff and students

  • Serve as a resource to school-based colleagues, especially new teachers

  • Communicate needs for equitable access to digital tools with Digital Learning Coordinator.

  • Collaborate with school-based instructional technology staff and library teachers (where applicable)

  • Collaborate with district leaders and other colleagues to address instructional issues and concerns

  • Meet with grade level teams or departments to facilitate discussions about effective and appropriate integration of digital tools

  • Model being a positive continuous learner and reflective educator

  • Attend and participate fully in all Digital Learning Leader face-to-face and online meetings, activities, and discussions of the book, UDL and Blended Learning, by Katie Novak & Catlin R. Tucker

  • Attend MassCUE 2021 (or other digital learning conference) and consider submitting a proposal to present at MassCUE