About US

Digital Learning at Acton Boxborough Regional School District

Vision Statement

To foster engaged, well-rounded, responsible, and productive global citizens who are life-long learners equipped with skills to meet the demands of the future.

Values Statement

  • Wellness - We partner with the AB community to promote balanced and responsible use of digital devices, tools, and resources.

  • Equity - We ensure that every student has equitable access to instruction through devices and digital tools that allow them to reach their potential in all learning experiences.

  • Engagement - We integrate digital tools and resources that foster student voice and choice in order to promote engaged and authentic learning experiences.

Mission Statement

To enhance best teaching practices with the power of digital tools in order to inspire, empower, and engage all students.

Digital Literacy Coaches

ABRHS Digital Literacy Coach

How can a DL Coach support you?

Instructional Technology Assistants

Tim Lundy, Blanchard Memorial School & RJ Grey tlundy@abschools.org

Karen Cavanagh, Conant School & ABRSD WL Dept. kcavanagh@abschools.org

Ben Houle, Boardwalk Campus bhoule@abschools.org

Latha Murthy, ABRHS Student Help Desk lmurthy@abschools.org